Alexa is a character in Summer Camp Island. She's the older sister of Lem and is very good at sports.

Appearance Edit

Alexa wears a blue hoodie over a white shirt with a pink moon design, purple shorts, gray shoes and a pink snow hat.

Trivia Edit

  • Cabin Flag: a Watermelon slice.
  • Along with Alexa, a few other camper's ages were confirmed in this tweet from Julia Pott.
  • Alexa is part of the Gold League basketball team alongside Hedgehog and Max.
  • Alexa's talent is knitting.
  • Alexa and Lem are the only confirmed siblings (and giraffes) in Summer Camp Island.
  • She gained super strength after eating the Peppermint Occasion Ice Cream.
  • In the episode "Computer Vampire", she temporarily became a mountain goat, though her actual species is a giraffe.
  • Alexa has the same name as her voice actress.
  • In "The First Day", the adults seen dropping her off are a hippo and a bird. Assuming they are her parents, it is possible that she and Lem are adopted.

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