Alice Fefferman is a Witch and a counselor on Summer Camp Island. She is voiced by Charlyne Yi.  

Appearance Edit

Alice, like Susie and Betsy, wears a black, sleeveless dress, with a white undershirt. She wears a pendant with a blue heart. She has a pink bow in her hair. The band on her hat is light green.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Alice is considered the strongest witch as she has honed her abilities the most. She loves turning objects cute with her magic, and has also been seen creating small lightning storms and instantly changing her clothes.

Trivia Edit

  • Cabin Flag: A Blue Heart
  • She is the second nicest witch
  • After the monster babies became an annoyance to her, Alice's immediate reaction was to destroy them before being stopped by Oscar.
  • As stated by Susie, Alice is rubbish at math.
  • She is the fourth elephant shown in the show, after Oscar and his parents.

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