Betsy Spellman is a witch and a counselor on Summer Camp Island, along with Susie and Alice. Betsy is voiced by Nikki Castillo.

Appearance Edit

Betsy, like the other witches, wears a black, sleeveless dress with a white undershirt. She also wears a pendant, similar to Susie and Alice, but it is a moon. She wears a witch hat with a pink band. Her hair is brown and braided.

Abilities Edit

Betsy is the “least powerful” witch, behind Susie and Alice. She has the normal abilities of a witch, but she also has the powers of a werewolf, once she transforms into one every full moon.

Trivia Edit

  • Cabin Flag: Green Crescent Moon
  • She was dating Ghost until he mysteriously “disappeared”.
  • She is the most benevolent of the witches, ensuring that Susie follows the rules.
  • She has been teaching Hedgehog magic in secret.
  • She is a werewolf and comforts/advices Hedgehog at the lunar festival for werewolves, in which she tells Hedgehog to put bread on her feet until she’s out of the “shoe-eating” phase.

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