• SamKoala28

    Here's Oscar, Hedgehog and Susie as humans 

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  • ReMaGeR

    How can I help wiki?

    August 25, 2019 by ReMaGeR

    Hello user! Do you want to somehow help this wiki? If so, you have come to the address!

    • Help unfinished pages.
    • Categorize uncategorized pages.
    • Help pages without images.
    • Create wanted pages.

    But that is not all! You can help the wiki any way you want!

    If you have any questions about employment on the wiki, you can ask administrators about that!

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  • ReMaGeR

    Hello campers! Here's new update on wiki! And it's more useful than wikificator!

    But… wait a second… why you're don't use wikificator? Really, this is important script, to make wiki beautiful! You can find it on bottom panel of wiki, like on screenshot:

    Just press on that button in source editor, and… wikifying is ready! Very easy, and very neat!

    Okay. What about update? Update is it: on the right side of the screen you can find new table, like on screenshot:

    It can give you see an new discussion's posts, to talk about everything with other users!

    Well, it's all! Good luck in your works ;)

    --ReMaGeR (talk) 06:45, August 20, 2019 (UTC)

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  • MountMasurai

    About Trivias

    August 10, 2019 by MountMasurai

    So sometimes on the trivia section I see these "this episode is loosely based on/based on/references some movie/show/book/whatever". Some of the time the references don't make sense. For example, I quote, from the trivia section of Mr. Softball, "This episode is loosely based on Oscars-winning 1995 epic war film, Braveheart". I just don't see how can an episode about the campers cheating on a softball game be loosely based on a movie about a 13th century Scottish warrior.

    This doesn't mean that all trivia of these kind should be removed. I just want them to be examined more closely and removed if they are of no importance. This is just my opinion so you can ignore this if you want.

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  • Johnny20061234
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  • ReMaGeR

    Copyright ;D

    July 1, 2019 by ReMaGeR

    Well, business in this. I have my own wiki named as «Возрождение Вики». It's wiki about my book «Возрождение». And my book has one very interesting character… which name is Susie. Yep. This is Susie from SCI.

    But don't worry please: I gave link on this wiki. Whatever… I'm admin on this wiki, so I can break up rules… maybe.

    And what? My blog only about that? Yes. I have other news, what I report you in next time.

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  • OverloadReason

    Summer Camp Island Season Coming In 2020

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  • ReMaGeR

    SCI Wiki update

    June 23, 2019 by ReMaGeR

    Hello everyone! I'm ReMaGeR, and I here, to tell you some news about SCI wiki.

    I've add little thing named as «Wikificator». This thing can minimize and optimise source code of page.

    You can find it on toolbar (down at any page). If you have questions or any thoughts about it: write in comments.

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  • ReMaGeR

    Wiki situation

    May 3, 2019 by ReMaGeR

    Situation on Wiki is hard... Vandals... Not grammatic peoples... Too many fan information.... I'm a candidate to Wiki-Bureaucrat. I know, that I bad in control but... I have my own wiki, and I know how to equip our wiki. Seriously! We're haven't "default edit reasons"!

    In total. If I be a bureaucrat, our wiki will lose vandals, fan pages, many useless images, and we'll got some new things!

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  • OldSchoolEricSchwartzTeam17
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  • Remadekryl

    Cosmic Bupkis

    March 5, 2019 by Remadekryl

    Upcoming Episode

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  • Sega123ish


    December 27, 2018 by Sega123ish


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  • Pablo Solis Ledesma

    Summer Camp Island: Magic In Your Hands (Season 1, Vol. 1) is a DVD release from Summer Camp Island. The DVD was released by Cartoon Network Home Media Distribution in 14, October 2018. As the title suggest, this two-disc DVD set features the first half of the first season.


    Oscar and Hedgehog, the camp's BFF, will enter you into this wonderful world (or island) where all got life and anything is possible. Their adventures includes to recollecting badges for a Chocolate-money fount travel or going into a other world were feelings are losed, you can count that, if you're a fan of fantasy, this series will catch you!

    Disc 1

    • "The First Day" / "Monster Babies"
    • "Chocolate Money Badgers" / "Saxophone Come …

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  • Keeby7

    Liked Summer Camp Island? I created a chatroom for fans of SCI to discuss about characters and episodes and stuff! So far its slowly beoming very active.

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  • Andi Cruz
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