The list below provides the sequential order of the episodes of Summer Camp Island.

Season 1

No. Image Title Airdate Prod. code
1 S01E01 titlecard The First Day[1] July 7, 2018 1057-010
Oscar and Hedgehog arrive on Summer Camp Island and figure out pretty quickly that most normal summer camps don't have witch-counselors, aliens and talking trees.[2]
2 S01E02 titlecard Monster Babies[3] July 7, 2018 1057-005
Alice lures Oscar and his monster friends for a tea party, but only to turn the monsters into cute babies.[4]
3 S01E03 titlecard Chocolate Money Badgers[5] July 7, 2018 1057-001
Oscar learns that he can earn merit badges that unlock prizes.[6]
4 S01E04 titlecard

Saxophone Come Home[7] July 7, 2018 1057-002
Oscar befriends a teenage Yeti.[8]
5 S01E05 titlecard Pajama Pajimjams[9] July 7, 2018 1057-009
Oscar pretends to be a talking pair of pajamas named Jimjams to make his friend Pajamas happy.[10]
6 S01E06 titlecard Oscar & Hedgehog's Melody[11] July 7, 2018 1057-014
Susie holds the annual talent show that has the rest of the campers competing to win.[12]
7 S01E07 titlecard Feeling Spacey[13] July 7, 2018 1057-015
Oscar and Hedgehog arrive on a planet that has no emotions.[14]
8 S01E08 titlecard Ghost the Boy[15] July 7, 2018 1057-012
Oscar and Hedgehog befriend a ghost who can't remember who he is.[16]
9 S01E09 titlecard Computer Vampire[17] July 7, 2018 1057-018
Oscar finds a mysterious old video game in the library.[18]
10 S01E10 titlecard The Basketball Liaries[19] July 7, 2018 1057-017
With the help from Basketball, Oscar makes an impressive shot that scores him a spot on the Gold League.[20]
11 S01E11 titlecard Popular Banana Split[21] July 7, 2018 1057-013
Hedgehog and Max discover a tiny high school when they are accidentally shrunk by a science experiment.[22]
12 S01E12 titlecard Time Traveling Quick Pants[23] July 7, 2018 1057-004
Oscar and Hedgehog learn about a quicksand that lets them go back in time.[24]
13 S01E13 titlecard It's My Party[25] July 7, 2018 1057-016
Oscar and Hedgehog are tasked with throwing Susie a birthday party; they need to hire an awesome boy band, lasso some unicorns and more standard magical party stuff.[26]
14 S01E14 titlecard Moon Problems[27] July 7, 2018 1057-003
The Moon gets sad when Oscar loses his friendship bracelet.[28]
15 S01E15 titlecard Monster Visit[29] July 7, 2018 1057-019
The monsters get nervous when their Godmonster comes for a visit.[30]
16 S01E16 titlecard Ice Cream Headache[31] July 7, 2018 1057-011
The campers get magical powers from the witches supply of magic ice cream.[32]
17 S01E17 titlecard Pepper's Blanket Is Missing[33] July 7, 2018 1057-020
Pepper's blanket goes missing at a cabin sleepover.[34]
18 S01E18 titlecard Hedgehog Werewolf[35] July 7, 2018 1057-006
Hedgehog gets bit by a cute puppy and is starting to act strange.[36]
19 S01E19 titlecard Mr. Softball[37] July 7, 2018 1057-007
Oscar and his friends are challenged to a game of softball by Susie and the witch camp counselors; the campers try to play fair, but it is incredibly obvious that the witches are using their magic to cheat.[38]
20 S01E20 titlecard Fuzzy Pink Time Babies[39] July 7, 2018 1068-021
Oscar and Hedgehog learn how to stop time.[40]
21 Cosmic Bupkiss Cosmic Bupkiss June 23, 2019 1068-022
A storm blocks Oscar and Hedgehog's one chance to see a Bupkiss comet.
22 Radio Silence Radio Silence June 23, 2019 1068-023
Oscar must get Hedgehog a special sandwich in order to save their friendship.
23 Director's Cut Director's Cut June 23, 2019 TBA
Oscar receives a camcorder from his parents and sets out to prove to them the magic on the island is real.
24 The Haunted Campfire The Haunted Campfire June 23, 2019 TBA
The campers must battle ghosts of their own creation after their scary stories mysteriously come true.
25 I Heart Heartforde I Heart Heartforde June 30, 2019 TBA
Oscar, Hedgehog and the other campers are excited to take a trip to the non-magical town of Heartforde.
26 Space Invasion Space Invasion June 30, 2019 TBA
A visit from Puddle the alien tests the limit of Oscar's hosting skills.
27 Mom Soon Mom Soon June 30, 2019 TBA
Hedgehog gets a call during her radio show from Skadi who needs her help.
28 Sneeze Guard Sneeze Guard June 30, 2019 TBA
Oscar and Hedgehog must work with the witches to cure Alice's magical strep throat infection.
29 Susie's Fantastical Scavenger Hunt Susie's Fantastical Scavenger Hunt July 7, 2019 TBA
Oscar and Hedgehog must learn to exist without each other when they are put on different teams during a scavenger hunt.
30 Mop Forever Mop Forever July 7, 2019 1068-024
At Alice's dress-up party the campers are magically turned into their costumes.
31 Pajamas Party Pajamas Party July 7, 2019 TBA
When Pajamas starts to panic that Oscar will outgrow her, Oscar tries to help but things go awry.
32 The Soundhouse The Soundhouse July 7, 2019 TBA
Oscar and Hedgehog discover a new structure on the island and become friends with its caretaker.
33 Puff Paint Puff Paint July 14, 2019 TBA
Oscar's painting is unpopular so he goes on a journey of self-discovery.
34 Susie Appreciation Day Susie Appreciation Day July 14, 2019 TBA
Hedgehog and Oscar find themselves trapped in Susie's cabin and must escape undetected.
35 Campers Above the Bed Campers Above the Bed July 14, 2019 1057-008
Hedgehog finds a city underneath her bed as she looks for her missing diary.
36 Midnight Quittance Midnight Quittance July 14, 2019 TBA
Ramona invites Hedgehog and Oscar to participate in a special holiday ritual.
37 The Great Elf Invention Convention The Great Elf Invention Convention July 21, 2019 TBA
Oscar, Max, and Hedgehog do a favor for Barb the elf in exchange for some chips.
38 Twelve Angry Hedgehogs Twelve Angry Hedgehogs July 21, 2019 TBA
Hedgehog wants to win the Golden Science Badge but runs into some unexpected competition.
39 Spell Crushers Spell Crushers July 21, 2019 TBA
Hedgehog tries to get over a crush so she can regain her focus on magic.
40 The Library The Library July 21, 2019 TBA
The campers spend a rainy day at the library.

Season 2

No. Image Title Airdate Prod. code
1 Meeting of the Minds Meeting of the Minds June 18, 2020 TBA
While Oscar helps Hedgehog find her wand, Susie tries to convince the Meeting of the Minds that Hedgehog isn't responsible enough for magic.
2 AvasYardSale Titlecard Ava's Yard Sale June 18, 2020 TBA
To help Ava overcome stage fright, Hedgehog takes Ava's violin into her own hands, while Oscar calls in for some reinforcements.
3 MolarMoles Titlecard Molar Moles June 18, 2020 TBA
Oscar's fib about his last baby tooth alerts the Molar Mole Fraud Squad, and Hedgehog jumps to his defense at a kooky mole trail.
4 TortillaTowel titlecard Tortilla Towel June 18, 2020 TBA
After making Oscar's tortilla towel dreams come true, he and Hedgehog find that running a business is harder than they thought.
5 AcornGraduation Titlecard Acorn Graduation June 18, 2020 TBA
Hedgehog endures her first magic lesson with Susie, while Oscar sets out to save her seat for a mut-see event: Acorn Graduation!
6 DungeonDoug Titilecard Dungeon Doug June 18, 2020 TBA
On a trip into the world of Dungeon Doug, Oscar and his dad find themselves on a father-son bonding mission.
7 TubOnTheRun Titlecard Tub on the Run June 18, 2020 TBA
While Hedgehog and Max scour the island in search of a missing tub, everyone is dying to know: are things weird between them?
8 SpottedBearStretch Titlecard Spotted Bear Stretch June 18, 2020 TBA
On the eve of the Spotted Bear Stretch, Oscar and his pajamas are stuck at Susie's place as unwelcome house guests.
9 FrenchToasting Titlecard French Toasting June 18, 2020 TBA
Lucy's suspicious behavior prompts Oscar and Hedgehog to investigate whether or not she's the kingpin of a secret society.
10 WellJustMoveTheStars Titlecard We'll Just Move the Stars June 18, 2020 TBA
When an astrological mismatch threatens King and Puddle's wedding, Oscar and Hedgehog join them on a quest to ensure love conquers all.
11 Catacombs Titlecard Catacombs June 18, 2020 TBA
Oscar, Hedgehog, Lucy, and Saxophone must return a yeti comb to its home to save the island from a really bad hair day.
12 WildHeartsCantBeCaboodled Titlecad Wild Hearts Can't Be Caboodled June 18, 2020 TBA
Things get wonky when Oscar and Hedgehog use magic to get an edge on their fellow campers in the Rainbow Unicorn Badge contest.
13 TheLaterPile Titlecard The Later Pile June 18, 2020 TBA
Hedgehog convinces Oscar to tackle an overdue rent -- but this time, Oscar's procrastination habit has spooky consequences.
14 HoneydewHatch Titlecard Honeydew Hatch June 18, 2020 TBA
Oscar and Hedgehog enter Frozen Time with the help of Ramona grow time babies, but Ramona and Susie's broken friendship causes problems.
15 LightAsAFeather Titlecard Light as a Feather June 18, 2020 TBA
While Hedgehog braves her first witch coven sleepover, Oscar awaits a secret signal in case she needs to be rescued.
16 WhenHarryMetBarry titlecard When Harry Met Barry June 18, 2020 TBA
Faced with two potential husbands -- burly Harry and sensitive Barry -- Barb enlists Hedgehog and Oscar to help her weigh her options.
17 Oddjobs Titlecard Oddjobs June 18, 2020 TBA
Hedgehog and Oscar investigate problems at the U.M.P.S. and meet the new intern, Oddjobs, who's a great friend but a terrible employee.
18 TumbleDryLow Titlecard Tumble Dry Low June 18, 2020 TBA
When Hedgehog's podcast blows up, she must decide whether to ride the wave of fame or stay true to her small but loyal fan base.
19 JustYouAndMe Titlecard Just You and Me June 18, 2020 TBA
While Hedgehog is off "werewolfing," a deflated Oscar has a therapy session with Shark that helps him realize the magic within him.
20 GlowWorm Titlecard Glow Worm June 18, 2020 TBA
Shark helps Oscar visit his past to learn something interesting about himself.


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