Howard is a character in Summer Camp Island. He is a soft-spoken monster who befriends kids and works odd jobs around the island. He's best friends with Oscar and Hedgehog and is afraid of Susie and the witches.

Appearance Edit

Howard is a large monster with gray fur and a cream colored spot on his belly. He has a pink nose and horn on top of his head, floppy ears and wears large round glasses.

Personality Edit

Howard is a friendly and easy-going monster. He quickly befriends all the new campers and hangs out with them but just like his siblings he's deadly afraid of the witches which he referred as "teenagers with magical powers that can't be trusted" and that witches like to bully them.

Howard is an educated monster, teaching Oscar about the wilderness and the camp badges. He also likes to play croquet with his fellow monsters though he takes a long time to hit the ball. He also plays softball with the campers.

History Edit

In Monster Babies, he and the other Monsters were invited by Alice to a tea party which was a trap to turn them into babies. Max took care of him after the other monsters were adopted by the campers.

In Monster Visit, Howard and the Monsters escape the island to avoid meeting with their Godmonster for not being seen as "real monsters who scare and eat children". with the help of Oscar and Hedgehog, the monsters trick Godmonster into leaving, but she takes Oscar to her house underground. The Monsters and Hedgehog then go to Godmonster's house to rescue Oscar and tell her the truth.

In Mr. Softball, Howard plays for Oscar's team against Susie's in softball. when Oscar is frozen by Susie's magic Howard gets up from the bench and carries Oscar from first base to home plate, scoring a home run but getting himself frozen in the process.

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