Julia Pott is an British animator, director, and writer, as well as the creator of Summer Camp Island. She also served as a voice actor for Susie.


Pott in 2012 moved to Brooklyn, New York, US from Shenley, England, UK to pursue her animating dreams. She studied at Cane University in Shenley, and has a bachelor in Arts and Animation.

Pott moved from Los Angeles and started working as a staff writer on Adventure Time at Cartoon Network. There she met many future collaborators, working in the writer's room with Adam Muto, Kent Osborne, Jack Pendarvis. While working on the show, Pott pitched Summer Camp Island and after the pilot toured the festival circuit it was picked up for a full series.


  • The idea for the Oscar and the Hedgehog is their symbiotic relationship, in which Pott wanted to explore.[1]


Characters voiced by Julia Pott


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