Max is a character in Summer Camp Island, who is a friend of Oscar and Hedgehog's at Summer Camp Island. He is seen as a popular and cool character.

He made his debut in the Pilot episode. Max was voiced by Thomas Vaethroeder in the pilot and is voiced by Ramone Hamilton in the series.

Personality Edit

Max is an easy going, caring, and fun-loving character. He makes sure to put his friends first before himself. He loves having great times with his friends.

Out of all the other children at camp, Max is the one who likes hanging out with Hedgehog and Oscar the most.

Appearance Edit

Max is a black and white bat. He is usually seen wearing a light blue hoodie jacket with a black and white tee underneath, blue jeans, long white socks, burgundy high top shoes, and two red backwards caps. He has black hair, black eyes, a black nose, and his ears are light pink on the inside.

His swimsuit is a white tee shirt and red and white swimming shorts.

His pajamas include a white and blue mid sleeve shirt with the letter z on it, red shorts, and white and grey socks on his feet.


  • Along with Max, a few other camper's ages were confirmed in this tweet from Julia Pott.
  • Max wears two red caps on top of each other.
  • After eating the Peppermint Occasion, he grows wings and has the ability to fly.
  • In the pilot, Max was a badger. He is a bat in the main series.
  • In the pilot, it is seen that both Max and Hedgehog had a crush on each other, and likely started dating after that. However, in the main series they have no special feelings towards each other.
  • In the episode "Pepper's Blanket is Missing" Oscar was going to give Max a calendar called "12 months of Max" for his birthday, however it has never been established when Max's birthday is.
  • He likes sports as seen in many episodes.
  • As Max mentioned in "Popular Banana Split", the reason why others see him as cool is probably because of his backwards cap.
  • He knows how to knit as seen in the episode "Monster Babies"
  • In the episode "Basketball Liaries", he is shown to be a part of the Gold League basketball team, along with Hedgehog and Alexa.
  • In the pilot, he claims that he doesn't wear pajamas. In the episode "Pepper's Blanket is Missing" he is seen wearing a night shirt, shorts, and socks on his feet.
  • He reads a magazine entitled "Backwards Caps Monthly" as seen in "Popular Banana Split"
  • In many episodes he is seen eating food, which means he probably loves food.
  • He is the only campers that has not been seen playing an instrument.
  • He is the only camper that didn’t compete in the talent show.



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