The Moon is the natural satellite of the Earth and a living character. He is first seen in The First Day where he talks to Oscar.

Appearance Edit

The moon in his full form is a near perfect circle with arms. He has black eyes, pink cheeks, a mouth and grayish circles at the top of the circle. He is also a very light green. He is also seen in many other forms throughout the first season.

Trivia Edit

  • The Moon is very sensitive, as shown in Moon Problems when Oscar loses the friendship bracelet Moon gave him.
  • The Sun said she used to rise as the same time as he did, but after spelling Moon’s name as “Hoot” on a birthday card, he started to rise at a different time.
  • Moon has a own home in somewhere in the space (which is an asteroid) and only visits there occasionally.
  • The Moon can give people time freezing moon rocks as shown in Fuzzy Pink Time Babies
  • He can see the city where Oscar lives