Pajamas is a character in Summer Camp Island. He made his debut in the Pilot episode. Pajamas was voiced by Anna Strupinsky in the pilot and is voiced by Naomi Hansen in the series.


Pajamas is Oscar's sentient pajama shirt. He's a long sleeved, collared, light blue pajama shirt covered with white moons and stars.


  • As seen in the pilot, he has the ability to control Oscar if Oscar is wearing him.
  • Pajamas is referred to with he/him pronouns in "Pajama Pajimjams" for the first time in series, prior to that his gender was unknown.
  • He believes the Camp Guide is "so predictable."
  • During The Basketball Liaries, Pajamas went on a business trip for an unknown reason.
  • He is the only sentient object that comes from outside the island


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