Peppermint Occasion Ice Cream icon

Peppermint Occasion is an ice cream flavor first seen in Ice Cream Headache (S1 E16). It grants magical powers to whoever consumes it. It is located in a freezer where Susie and the other witches keep other, non magical, ice cream flavors.

Abilities Edit

Once consumed, the ice cream temporarily gives powers that last for 24 hours.

List of Campers Affected by the Ice Cream:

Oscar doesn't get powers due to his lactose intolerance.

Hedgehog can read minds.

Max grows bat wings and uses them to fly.

Oliver gets his legs transformed into xylophones.

Lucy has X-ray vision.

Alexa has super strength and can lift a whale.

Pepper can form clouds from his hands.

Lem gains super breath powers.

Trivia Edit

  • The ice cream doesn't work if one is lactose intolerant. For example: Oscar.
  • Some of the powers given seem be based on the specie, personality and interests of the consumer.
  • It is the only magical ice cream flavor seen so far.