Ramona is a witch who lives on the island and is in charge of the time babies. She is voiced by Lesley Nicol.

Personality Edit

She appears to be wise and generous towards Oscar and Hedgehog, and helps them with any problems they have.

Biography Edit

According to a photograph, Ramona knew Susie since 1892. It is unclear if their relationship has changed or not. Unlike Susie, who looks to be fifteen years old, Ramona is of an old physical age. Ramona currently lives in a cottage that occupies the space between the seconds of the clock, which can only be accessed through the activation of the moon rocks. She is implied to have dealt with the Jabberwock before.

Appearance Edit

Ramona has long, curly, peach colored hair, or wool that reaches her knees. She is shorter than Oscar and Hedgehog. Her skin is wrinkly and brown. She has two ears resembling a rabbit's. She wears a black sweater with white pants, and on her shoulders is a light blue cape held together with two, pink strawberry-shaped clasps. Her shoes are black slippers, and her witch hat has an orange stripe.

Ramona and Susie Photograph

Photograph of Ramona and Susie, dated 1892

In a photograph revealed in her debut episode, Ramona is wearing an outfit identical to Susie's current outfit, minus the socks. The exact coloring is unclear, since the photograph was taken in 1892 and is sepia toned. She appears to be the same age as Susie, whereas present day, she is an old woman.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ramona is a witch and therefore can manipulate magic, however unlike the others, she is not seen with a wand. She can project miniature holograms, teleport objects (including her cottage), summon time babies and imbue her coat with time sneeze juice to attract the Jabberwock.

Trivia Edit

  • While Ramona does not have a necklace, the shape of a diamond tends to show up on her magic and her time babies.
  • She is likely hundreds of years old due to being the same age as Susie was in 1892.
  • She might have previously been a witch counselor alongside Susie.
  • She has a British accent, like Susie.

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