Saxophone is teenage Yeti that befriends Oscar.

Appearance Edit

Saxophone is about twice the size of Oscar and Hedgehog. He has a round, light pink face with a round, pink nose. His fur is white and and his ears are short and floppy. He has paws made of three claws and a thumb on each hand. He also has a short, floppy tail that matches his fur in color.

Trivia Edit

  • He snores very loudly when he sleeps.
  • He can camouflage himself completely.
  • He isn't interested in traditional yeti culture and wants to explore.
  • He speaks a language that sounds like a saxophone, which is a musical instrument.
  • Oscar gives him the name "Saxophone" after being unable to pronounce his real name.
  • He goes through a quick puberty in the episode "Saxophone Come Home", which results in him being unable to speak English, only the yeti language.
  • Finds hockey pucks tasty

Gallery Edit