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Summer Camp Island (Pilot Version) is the official backdoor pilot of the series of the same name. The short was a pilot that was pitched to Cartoon Network in order for the pilot to expand into a full series.


Oscar wants to make his stay at Summer Camp Island as normal as possible so he decides to have a sleepover with Hedgehog whom he secretly has feelings for. However, when Hedgehog invites Max and several other friends over, Oscar gets frustrated by their surreal antics.



  • The pilot was an overall success in marketing and Cartoon Network had picked up the series on January 30, 2017.[1]
  • It has many differences from the series. Some examples are Max being a bat instead of a badger, Susie being a cat instead of a hedgehog, etc.
  • Pilot version of Susie later references to Hedgehog when she is a witch in Mop Forever.


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