Hello user! Welcome to the Dumb rules page! On this page you can get to know rules on our wiki about the cartoon Summer Camp Island!


Remember: Admins are always right! And if you try to argue with an admin or moderator, you'll be warned, and in the worst case - banned for at most 1 month.

No vandals

  • Pages that have incorrect information or false/fanon information added maliciously to them will be semi-protected for 4 hours at most.
  • Pages with relatively high traffic and that have been vandalized 2 or more times in a week will be semi-protected
  • Users that add malicious edits to pages 3 or more times in one month will be banned for 1 week.
  • Users adding repeated false information on any page 3 times in 4 days will be banned for 5 days.
  • More extensive vandalism will be grounds being completely banned.

Page comments

  • No obscene or inappropriate content. Violators will be banned for one week.


  1. You have to be a good person. That means you shouldn’t insult other people.
  2. No fighting or arguing.
  3. No swearing without an admin's permission.
  4. No personal information.
  5. Report users who break the rules to an admin.
  6. Do not falsely report someone or report someone for no reason.
  7. Do not abuse admin powers.
  8. Do not block users for no reason.
  9. Do not report someone before they reach the limits stated above.
  10. If a user does not listen to administrators, they can be banned for up to 2 hours.
  11. If a user makes an excessive amount grammatical errors, an administrator can ban them for 1 week.
  12. Using multiple accounts (having an inactive account does not count) is prohibited. User will be banned until all but one account is deleted or has become inactive.
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